preview N°4




Thursday, April 21 - 7:00 pm

The fourth preview displays works in progress by

Jochen Arbeit & Hopek Quirin
Heinrich Dubel
Stella Geppert
Pia Lindman
Wolfgang Plöger
Bernd Trasberger
Simon Wachsmuth
Christof Zwiener


Beginning at 9pm, the curators Emilie Trice and Carson Chan are invited to invade STAY HUNGRY with their independent exhibition titled "A Moveable Feast," which will include live performances by local musicians Fenster and invited guests, as well as a series of curated and spontaneous art performances and installations that have been developed organically for this one-night event. A Moveable Feast aims to engage diverse corners of Berlin's creative community, bringing together musicians, contemporary artists, creative environmental activists and the broader public to experience the uniquely surreal atmosphere of the gardens at Gleisdreieck. Participating artists include: Awst & Walther, Maxime Ballesteros, CaBoume, Telse Bus, Casual Goth, Christopher David, Zhivago Duncan, Fenster, Britta & Ron Helbig, Bertrand Lacombe, Iku Sakan, Markus Shimizu, Santiago Taccetti
and others


“STAY HUNGRY vs. A Moveable Feast” is the 4th preview of an exhibition-cycle in five parts. The main and final part will run from 19 - 29 May, 2011.

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